Letting Go.

Hit the nail right on the head                                  Hit it straight,my emotions are dead                   It’s not something I’ve not already heard            Say it or say nothing instead

Now it makes no sense to me                                 Why you acted like we were meant to be            You made me so dependent on you                     You made me think all your words were true    My life was entwined around you                        Then you left me without a clue

Can’t believe you called me a liar                          You made me feel so low                                       Thought with you I was going higher                Now I’m as low as I could ever go

I was warned to have a boundary                          So I don’t eventually feel sorry                              but I heard only what I wanted to hear                cus the lover I had for you was very clear

now, on us, the curtains close                                 Finally,The blood in my heart flows                      I’m very ready to grow                                            I’m ready to finally let go


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